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AFOSR is located in a secure government building. All visitors must present a valid photo ID to security for entry. Visitors should have an on-site AFOSR contact available for escort in the building. On-site building parking is available to visitors with a valid Department of Defense building permit; general parking is available nearby at the Ballston Common Mall.

Drop-In Visits:
Individuals without a Department of Defense building pass or DoD military or civilian Common Access Card (CAC) will require an escort and one form of picture ID.  Individuals utilizing a DoD military or civilian CAC to access the facility are required to present one additional form of picture ID.

Closest Metro Stop:

Ballston Public Parking Garage
665 North Glebe Road
Phone: 703-528-9863

875 North Randolph Street, Suite 325
Arlington, VA 22203
Phone: 703-696-7797

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