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AFWERX, a Technology Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the innovation arm of the Department Air Force, transitions agile, affordable, and accelerated capabilities by teaming innovative technology developers with Airmen and Guardian talent. In AFWERX, AFVentures expands the Defense Industrial base for advanced technologies, Spark empowers Airmen and Guardian talent, and Prime drives transition to operational capability. Teaming across academia, industry, investment, interagency, and international partners is essential to expanding technology, talent, and transition of dual-use capabilities. Last year, Fast Company ranked AFWERX #16 of Best Workplaces for Innovators.

The AFWERX MISSION is to solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of the service by enabling thoughtful, deliberate, ground-up innovation.

You can learn more about AFWERX and our mission by CLICKING HERE.

AFRL/AFWERX Leadership




AFWERX is a network of people who want to help create a better Air Force and Space Force for all Airmen and Guardians. There are innovators who work for AFWERX full-time, others who take on passion projects outside of their traditional jobs and tap into the AFWERX ecosystem for support, and plenty more who collaborate with us as part of their position at Air Force bases around the world.


Organizationally, AFWERX has three primary efforts: AFVentures, Spark, and Prime.

  • Commercial Technology Industrial Base: The first, AFVentures, is all about tapping both U.S. and global tech ecosystems, using military problems to accelerate commercial technologies. AFVentures leverages commercial technology to deliver better capabilities to the warfighter. We are transforming the Air and Space Force into an early-stage “investor” that leverages private capital, accelerates commercialization using military missions, and grows the number of companies partnering with us.
  • Empowered and Innovative Airmen Talent: The second division, Spark, is all about empowering innovation at the operational edge. Spark connects amazing Airmen and Guardians to commercial innovators using virtual collaboration, immersive training, and networking opportunities that inspire ideas and cultivate a creative Force. By connecting operators closer to acquisition, Spark provides both a voice and conduit to turn powerful ideas into powerful operational realities.
  • ​Accelerated Capability Through Transitions: The third division, Prime, is all about priming and accelerating emerging commercial markets using military missions and equities. Prime focuses on bringing military interests that accelerate nascent technologies within the commercial market, benefiting commercial industrial base and military capability. In addition to funding, Prime programs will leverage other unique Department resources, like test infrastructure, certification authorities, interagency relationships, and early operational use cases, bringing the Air and Space Force’s full value proposition to bear by becoming an early adopter to de-risk emerging markets.


AFWERX combines startup urgency with the largest pool of motivated talent in the world to uncover opportunities to improve Air and Space Force capabilities, connect and engage the right stakeholders, and facilitate outcomes.

AFWERX Fellowship Program

  • Unique opportunity for Air Force and Space Force members to gain insight into AFWERX capabilities, help shape the Air Force’s future projects and focus areas, and discover innovation enablers and pathways to resources that can benefit you in your future roles in the Force. 

Weekly Webinar Series


  • Colliders, Challenges, SBIR/STTR Roadshows and Tech Warrior events.  Check out the events section on our site for dates and opportunities for companies to showcase their ideas/tech/solutions to government customers.