D'Azzo - Libary Usage Policies

The library has specific electronic usage and circulation policies.Those policies are outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact the library.

Circulation Policies
Who may Use

AFRL personnel (including contractors) may check out material with their D'Azzo Research Library card. Length of material checkout is 56 days for most items.

AFIT personnel (including contractors) and AFIT assigned DAGSI (Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute) students whose home school is AFIT receive full library service. Length of material checkout is 56 days for most items.

WPAFB employees may use the D'Azzo Research Library during core duty hours (Monday - Thursday, 0730 - 1800; Friday, 0730 - 1700). Building 642 access is restricted after core duty hours. Inquire at the Circulation Desk for information regarding base employee borrowing privileges.

All other individuals are encouraged to use library materials either in-house or through interlibrary loan. Please check with your local library for availability of interlibrary loan services.

Borrower Registration
Borrowers must register by submitting a Library card registration form, once the form has been processed a library card will be issued. There are two ways to submit the registration form: 1.) - print the form out and bring the completed document to the library's Circulation Desk for processing between 0730 and 1630, Monday-Friday, or 2.) - fill the form out, e-sign it, and submit it via email. If submitting by email, the card will be delivered via inter-office mail.

Circulating Materials
Books, Theses, SPIE Proceedings, IEEE Conference Proceedings, Technical Reports:
--Regular checkout: 56 days
--Items can be renewed for an additional 56 days
--Maximum of 3 renewals allowed
--Regular checkout: 14 days
--Renewal: 14 days
--Maximum of 3 renewals allowed

A maximum of 30 items allowed at any given time.

In order to make our journal collection available to our patrons on a daily basis, all items in this category are non-circulating. This includes the IEEE Journals and Transactions, IRE Proceedings, AIAA Papers, and newspapers.

Patrons may place a request on available items from the online catalog. Contact a library staff member for assistance.

Patrons may renew books via email or over the phone (937-255-3005). The maximum number of renewals is three. Following the third renewal, the item must be returned to the library.
Electronic Journal, Book, and Database Usage Policies

Guidelines for AFRL owned electronic resources
Authorized users are AFRL employees and their contractors. Government employees and DoD contractors who physically visit and use the library for government-funded research are also authorized users, however, remote access (outside the library) is only for AFRL employees and their contractors.

Authorized users may:
·Make use of the published materials as is consistent with the Fair Use Provisions of United States and international copyright laws.
·Authorized Users may view, download or print a reasonable portion of the Published Materials for their personal scholarly research.
·Print ONE (1) paper copy of any article or portion obtained as a result of the search; OR locally store on floppy disk or hard drive the result of the search, and later display and view that material on screen, or print ONE (1) copy of it or portion on paper;
·Download and/or print excerpts of reasonable quantity;
·Use brief quotations from the content of the published materials with the customary acknowledgment of the source;
·Include printed or electronic copies of items from licensed material in connection with courses or classroom instruction provided by an Authorized user, as long as the item carries appropriate acknowledgement of the source.
·Fulfill Interlibrary loan requests - if you represent an officially recognized library - via regular mail or fax - NOT by electronic transmission. (A few publishers make an exception to this.)

Authorized users may not:
·Offer any licensed material or portion thereof for sale, or post to any open website that would allow downloading of licensed material to a commercial web site;
·Alter, adapt, transform, translate or create any derivative work based on the licensed material, or in any way infringe on the intellectual property rights of the publisher;
·Make substantial or systematic reproduction, print or download entire issues of a publication, or create a searchable archive of publications;
·Transmit, disseminate or otherwise make any licensed material or portion available to any other person (including authorized users), by any means, including electronic, optical, or print, and the user may not store these materials on any medium other than as described above.

In plain terms, an authorized user is permitted to make a single copy of an article for their personal use. No additional copies may be made or distributed to others.

Violations of License Agreements in effect with publishers may result in legal action and/or termination of e-journal / database access for AFRL. All applicable copyright laws and regulations will also be followed.

Guidelines for other Air Force owned electronic resources
Some resources are Air Force or DoD owned, meaning anyone on an AF computer may use them. Log in to the Air Force portal and click on "Library & Resources" at the top of the page.