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AFRL - Career Field Options for AFRL Bench Scientists

- Expanded Developmental Opportunities Program (AFRLM36-104, Chapter 11)
   -- Provides opportunities for personnel to acquire knowledge and expertise that cannot be acquired in the standard working environment
   -- Activities enhance the employee's contribution upon his or her return to the organization
   -- Authority meets the definition of training to allow for TDY in excess of 180 days
   -- Spectrum of available activities under this program is limited only by the constraint that potential contribution to the organization's mission exists
       --- Training opportunities, such as training with industry or on-the-job work experience with public, private, or nonprofit organizations
       --- Enables an employee to spend time in an academic environment such as advanced academic teaching or research
       --- Devote full-time effort to writing technical papers, articles, books, etc.
-- Objective is to provide renewed vivacity and motivational change of pace
-- Employee required to sign a Continuing Service Agreement committing to serve at least 3 times the length of the developmental assignment.

- Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program (ESEP)
   -- DoD program that promotes international cooperation in military research, development, and acquisition through the exchange of defense professionals
   -- Provides on-site working assignments for US military and civilian engineers and scientists in allied and friendly governments' organizations and the assignment of foreign engineers and scientists in US defense establishments
-- Typical candidates are 1st Lts/Capts or GS-12/13 equivalents who have at least three years of research and development experience and masters or Ph.D. degrees in math, science, or engineering

Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program (ESEP)

- AFIT/AFRL Personnel Exchange Program
   --Provides opportunity for professional development and fosters greater research relationships between AFRL/AFIT scientists and engineers


- Non-supervisory/non-management official positions (i.e., positions with supervisory level codes of 4, 6, 7 and 8) are excluded from AFMC Professional Military Education (PME)
   -- Individuals being assigned to these positions are still to be counseled on the importance of grade-appropriate PME

- Option to have courses paid for/attend LTFT for PhD--32% of S&E workforce now has PhD 
   -- Important for DR IIIs/IVs in bench areas

- Option to have courses paid for/attend LTFT for MS -- 46% of S&E workforce now has MS

- Membership in tech societies and attendance at tech conferences/symposiums to present papers

- Career broadening opportunities at DARPA/AFOSR PM/other TDs where similar research is on-going.

- Windows on the World
   -- Provides opportunity for full-time research at a foreign (non-government) host laboratory
   -- Perform full-time science and technology assessment activities for a period up to 179 days on temporary duty (TDY) status. The TDY is fully funded by AFOSR.

- National lecturer with professional society
   -- Many societies (APS, IEEE, SPIE, AMTA, etc) have recognition programs that pay for lecture travel (not salary) to give talks worldwide. Employees are encouraged to research the possibility of becoming such a national lecturer through the professional society most closely affiliated with the researcher's work.
   -- The IEEE Distinguished lecturer program is an example. Information on this program can be found at :
   --Appropriate for our most senior level researchers
   --Provides an opportunity to open future technical areas for collaboration
   --Consult with JA before finalizing any commitments to participate