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This is your web connection for information on current business opportunities with the Air Force Research Laboratory's technical directorates located at the Wright Research Site (WRS), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The technical directorates supported by the Wright Research Site, R&D Contracting office are 1) Aerospace Systems (AFRL/RQKP), 2) Materials & Manufacturing (AFRL/RXKM), 3) Sensors Technology (AFRL/RYKS), 4) 711th Human Performance Wing (AFRL/RAKH). In addition, we provide contracting support for projects in which the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) are collaborators with WRS technical directorates (AFRL/PZLD). 

Daniel R. Andrews, Chief, R&D Contracting (AFRL/PZL)
Shayla B. Wray, Deputy Chief

Our Mission Statement:

To provide innovative, high-quality contracting and business support for our customers to advance the technological superiority of our Air Force.

Our Vision

The best people leading the most exciting, innovative and agile S&T acquisitions.

Organizational Contact Information: 

(937) 713-9794

Contracting Division

(937) 713-9800

Clearance and Program Support Branch

(937) 713-9925

Advanced Research Contracting Branch

(937) 713-9829

Enterprise Services Branch

(937) 713-9827

711th Human Performance Wing Contracting Branch

(937) 713-9872

Materials & Manufacturing Technology Contracting Branch

(937) 255-0286

Specialized Contracting Branch

(937) 713-9932

Aerospace Systems Contracting Branch

(937) 713-9987

Sensors Contracting Branch

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