AFRL/RY - COMPASE - Virtual Distributed Library

Virtual Distributed Library
Facilitate cooperative research, development, and algorithm evaluation by providing communications and information sharing services for the entire DoD-wide sensor exploitation RDT&E communities.

Since its inception in the Fall of 1997, the Virtual Distributed Laboratory (VDL) has been tying together algorithm developers, algorithm evaluators, and DoD simulation environments through VDL resources and DoD high speed data networks. The VDL is a joint-service, shared, virtual workspace and web-based knowledge management system designed to facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and cooperative research, development, test and evaluation.

Vdl mission flowchart graphic
VDL is a web based portal for collaboration and research and development of sensor exploitation technologies among DoD agencies and their government contractor partners. It offers the following benefits:

SecurityGovernment controlled infrastructure

  • Unclassified/restricted project websites approved for sharing up to ITAR level (export controlled) information
  • Single security token (username/password) for accessing VDL resources 


  • High speed connectivity to secure Defense Research Engineering Network (DREN)


  • Highly fault tolerant resources
  • High speed networking 


  • Daily back-ups of all content with off-site storage available

Content Management Support

  • Project managers control who has access to their material and to specific content
  • Centrally maintained email distribution lists / lists servers with web viewable archives
  • Archive for completed programs
  • Community event calendars

Supported Programs and Organizations

  • ATR Center
  • ATRPedia
  • Clean Sweep
  • COCO
  • COMPASE Center
  • Gotcha
  • RadarVision
  • NetTrack Phase 2
  • RYA
  • RYD
  • RYR
  • Signature Center
  • Xpatch User's Group

vdl partner logos

ATR eBoK ATR Electronic Body of Knowledge
ATRWG Automatic Target Recognition Working Group
EMCC Electromagnetic Code Consortium
HYPEX HSI Exploitation Cell
MSCIDDB Multi-Sensor CID Database
MSMC Multi-spectral Signature Measurements Consortium
SDMS Sensor Data Management System
VBMS Virtual Battlespace Management System
VED Portfolio Virtual Electromagnetic Design Portfolio

and numerous others...

Resources and Tools
VDL Technology: We have the servers, RAID space, and networking infrastructure to support collaboration and communication among developers around the DoD community.

Hardware Resourcesbank of computers 

  • 6.5 TB RAID storage 
  • High speed access from outside WPAFB
  • SIPRNet counterpart

Project Website Features

  • Host dynamic DB-driven web content
  • Open, closed and restricted project sites
  • Project managed user access
  • Role based permissions
  • Web access stats

Project Website Tools

  • Wiki
  • File and document management
  • Email list serving
  • Source code version control system
  • Web calendar
  • Action item management system
  • Phonebook
  • Dictionary (lexicon / list of terms)
  • Secure Instant Messaging