AFRL/RYD - Aerospace Components & Subsystems Technology Division

RYD -- Aerospace Components & Subsystems Tech Division Leads the assessment, insertion, maturation and discovery of military-critical electronics for future generations of AF C4ISR capabilities in anti-access and area-denial environments

RYDD -- Devices for Sensing Branch Leads the AF in development of electronic devices for sensing for next generation military aerospace systems. In-house and contractual programs range from basic research and exploratory development to advanced device demonstration efforts. Explores evolutionary and revolutionary device development and conducts feasibility demonstration efforts on devices and circuits with potential for high frequency microwave/millimeter wave and high speed electronics applications.

RYDH -- Optoelectronic Technology Branch Performs basic and applied research to discover and develop novel optoelectronic, laser, and power electronic concepts through the exploitation of structure-property interactions to ensure continued USAF sensor and countermeasure technology dominance.

RYDI -- Advanced Sensor Components Branch Conducts both in-house and contractual efforts focused on the development and validation of comprehensive design, integration, and control techniques for digital, RF, and mixed signal integrated circuits including integrated circuit integrity and reliability, embedded power efficient processing, and reconfigurable computing. These complex technologies form the trusted building blocks critical to high performance signal processing as required to meet size, weight, power, and cost constraints for future high performance Air Force ISR Anti-Access/Area Denial applications

RYDP -- Electro-Optic Components Branch Performs basic research on emerging EO/IR sensing technologies and components to overcome the Air Force's anti-access/area denial challenge. Understand and exploit nanotechnology, metamaterials and electromechanical technologies to provide accurate, fast, and inexpensive sensing options to meet future requirements for highly-contested environments. Integrate sensing technologies through the fundamental understanding of the electrical, optical, chemical, biological, and mechanical properties of EO/IR materials and devices.

RYDR -- Radio Frequency/Electro Optical Subsystems Branch Conducts both in-house and contractual efforts in exploratory, advanced development and technology maturation of RF/EO subsystems including the modeling, fabrication, assembly, packaging/protection and testing of aperture, receiver/exciter and digital signal processing subsystems. Develop and demonstrate sensor subsystem technologies that are adaptive, reconfigurable, provide spectrum flexibility with reduced Cost Size Weight and Power (C-SWAP) which leverage advanced micro-electronics and macro-electronics devices, components and structures. Perform focused sub-system integration projects to meet unique Air Force aerospace needs for high performance, affordable sensor systems.