AFRL/RYO - Integration & Operations Division

RYO -- Integration & Operations Division Leads collaborative management of all Directorate resources including the development of business and information management processes. Works with other Directorate stakeholders at all geographic locations, including Wright Site Operations and AFRL staff. Serves as the central information hub and disseminator for the Directorate and single Directorate entry point for command and Directorate staff queries. Maintains remote operation location or negotiates agreements to support segments of the Directorate.

RYOD -- Information Technology Branch Manages the Directorate's networked Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. Develops and implements Directorate information strategies, plans, policies, and projects. Analyzes IT initiatives, policies, and tools to determine applicability and impact on Directorate requirements and projects. Manages and conducts the Directorate systems safety programs, ground and flight safety, laser safety, chemical hygiene, and environmental activities.

RYOI -- Infrastructure Support Branch Manages, maintains, and grows all corporate real property, ensuring laboratory infrastructure for all users needs. Works in conjunction with AFRL strategic teams shaping the current real estate, while planning and budgeting for future mission requirements and growth.

RYOM -- Manpower/Personnel Branch Manages the human resources function for the Sensors Directorate. Provides guidance, tools, and expertise for personnel individual development. Provides policy, guidance, and maintains data on corporate manpower and personnel matters. Works human resource issues in conjunction with Directorate management, Wright Site Operations, other Directorates, and higher AFRL personnel authorities. Provides advisory services and administrative support in the recruitment, placement, professional development, and retention of military and civilian human resources.

RYOX -- Information Management Branch Develops and applies processes, policies, and capabilities for the acquisition, organization, analysis, management, and dissemination of information as a corporate resource serving as the information "hub" for the Directorate. Executes the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, Records and Information Management, Technology Transfer, Alliances and Agreements, Scientific and Technical Information (STINFO), Business Operations, and Government Travel Management (Government Travel Card and Defense Travel System).

RYOY -- Security & Intelligence Branch Provide information protection & intelligence research expertise for the Air Force Research Laboratory's Sensors Directorate. Responsible for all aspects of information protection to include basic 6.1 research to ensure fundamental research is protected and managed properly. Responsible for all intelligence production requirements and intelligence support at WRS. Develops Directorate's technology protection plans and administers it execution in compliance with directives and regulations.