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USAFSAM - FCI - Instructions

USAFSAM - FCI - Instructions

1. USAFSAM/FECM - MEDICAL FLIGHT STANDARDS BRANCH at Wright Patterson AFB, OH requires that all medical documents for IFC I (Pilot) and IFC II (RPA) medical exams to submit their completed forms in full to the following email address unless otherwise directed:

If for some reason the applicant cannot send documents via email, please use DODSAFE at or FAX to (937) 656-4006 (Please e-mail your exam date to the organizational box above when you FAX so we know to look for it), NLT 30 days prior to the arrival at Wright Patterson AFB, OH for the medical appointment. Please list the candidate's name (last name, first name) and date of exam in the subject line.

If your detachment or unit computer network limits your file sizes when emailing, you can. separate the completed package into smaller portions - send them out as a group of 3 e-mails - one after the other. In this case please annotate your subject line accordingly to ensure that we receive the whole package.
(1st e-mail example: Cadet DOE, JOHN - 4 Jul 13 - Email 1 of 4..., 2nd e-mail example: Cadet DOE, JOHN - 4 Jul 13 - Email 2 of 4... and so on)


All packages will include items A through F listed below:

A. Pre-Examination Medical History - (Legal Document: MUST be filled out by candidate)

B. Personal Data Form 

  • Click link above to take you to the "Personal Data Form"
     (Please make sure you put the Projected Exam date on the form)

C. DODMERB or MEPS (Commissioning Exam)

D. PPQ - (if the candidate is an AFROTC Cadet)

E. AFROTC Form 46 (if the candidate is an AFROTC Cadet)


  • All medical documents from the surgery center are required. That would include pre-exams, operative reports, and all post-op visits (initial post-op refraction must be at least 90 days post-op and second refraction at least 1 month later). Without these documents our Optometry Clinic will not clear them to arrive and their appointment will be cancelled. Please ensure you have the LASER REPORT from the surgery, without this document, you will not be seen.
G. Disclosure Authorization DD Form 2870 (please ensure you sign and date it)
H. Tattoo/Scar Form if applicable
I. FAA Confirmation Number - (log-in and fill out the form two weeks prior to arrival, and hand carry to the appointment) - 
  • Click website
  • Fill in email and password
  • Wait for FAA conformation
  • Re-log in and fill out information
  • Add conformation number to Personal Data Form
2. Arrival/Airport Instructions - All candidates will be proceed from Dayton International Airport to Wright Patterson AFB, OH via taxi/Uber if on military orders. We cannot guarantee when you will be done with your IFC I exam, so all orders should have a return date for Friday, after 1500, of the week of their appointment (you can always change your flight if released early). Additional instructions will be given to AFROTC cadets; if you are an ANG, AFRC or Active Duty candidate, check with Billeting for the shuttle schedule to our location at USAFSAM (Area B).

FCI/MFS Program Contact Information - organizational email box - pre-screen packages go here!

Branch Manager - 937-938-2867 (email:
MFS Coordinator - 937-938-2647 (

Scheduling Questions
Comm: (937) 938-2728 or (937) 938-2867
DSN: 798-2728
Fax: (937) 656-4006