USAFSAM - FCI - Ophthalmology

Aeromedical Consult Service
Medical Flight Standards Branch
Wright Patterson AFB, OH


Every initial flying class, special operational duty, and medical flight screening applicant coming to FECM will be reviewed and evaluated by optometry.
The purpose of the evaluation is to ensure that all candidates meet the required vision standards for service in the Air Force.  This is achieved by performing test designed to detect abnormalities in the eye and visual system that may not be apparent on a standard flight physical.  The examination will be extremely detailed.  Color vision, corneal imaging, depth perception, and retinal scans are examples of what will be tested.
Failure of any test will result in additional testing and possibly an Aeromedical Consultation Service (ACS) evaluation within USAFSAM here at Wright Patterson AFB to verify all testing results and diagnose the condition resulting in test failure.
Contact lenses are not allowed to be worn during testing or prior to arrival.  Please follow all guidance that you receive prior to your appointment.  If you have any spectacles, even if they are not required, please start wearing them prior to arrival and make sure you bring them with you to the appointment.