USAFSAM - Office of the Dean

To optimize Airman performance through education and training
To be leaders in world class education and training for the Aerospace and Operational Medicine Enterprise (AOME).
About Our Department:
The Office of the Dean (ED) Department, part of the 711th Human Performance Wing’s U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM), directs daily academic operations for USAFSAM and establishes student training policies. This department executes the student management and accounting for 4,000 students annually, as well as faculty development, instructor evaluation, and student evaluation programs. Personnel in ED implement Community College of the Air Force requirements for affiliated schools, and lead curriculum development and revisions. Also, personnel in this department create an academic environment conducive to learning, provide academic counseling, and convene the Academic Review Board, when necessary. Distance learning courses are produced and managed through this department. The Franzello Aeromedical Library, which houses the largest collection of Aerospace Medicine reference materials in the world, and the Advanced Instructional Multimedia Services (AIMS) Studio are both part of ED. The Office of the Dean Department forecasts and executes a $9.2 mil education budget and financial plan based on course requirements.

Educational Support  
The Educational Support (EDM) Division includes academic management and academic support. The academic management team is responsible for quota management, student accounting transactions, training verifications/transcripts, and statistical reports. Division personnel also ensure classrooms, lodging, transportation, and meals are available for all students. The academic support team includes the Franzello Aeromedical Library, which provides reference materials to facilitate education, training, research, and consultation.
Academic Evaluation
The primary functions of the Academic Evaluation (EDE) Division are to develop and sustain highly skilled faculty, analyze the effectiveness of academic programs, administer, and manage tests, and ensure compliance with university affiliations and associated requirements. This is accomplished through synergistic teamwork of the faculty development and training, academic standards and evaluations, student testing and evaluations, curriculum development, and Advanced Instructional Multimedia Services (AIMS) studio personnel. The faculty development and training team oversees the training and development of 96 CCAF and 17 non-CCAF instructors, and processes as average of 28 advanced instructor qualification packages annually. The academic standards and evaluations team conducts 51 course pre-flights and ensures regulatory standards are met for nearly 100 courses. This team graduates 4,000 students and awards 8,400 CCAF credits annually. The student testing and evaluations team safeguards 527 pieces of testing material, three testing bays, and 132 computer testing stations. They also administer and analyze nearly 6,000 tests annually, and track, schedule and administer instructor subject matter tests annually. The curriculum development team provides assistance in the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of courses at USAFSAM. This team manages the Electronic Course Record Set (eCRS) and USAFSAM’s Blackboard Learning System site. The AIMS studio produces high-quality technical inserts for USAFSAM’s formal courses. This team also runs the medical interagency satellite training studio.
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