AFRL/RITQ - Superconducting and Hybrid Quantum Systems


The superconducting and hybrid quantum systems team at AFRL’s Information Directorate in Rome, New York seeks to develop novel superconducting architectures and cross-modality quantum interface hardware as building blocks for use in quantum networking nodes.

The team’s efforts focus on three main thrusts: (i) the development of architectures for generating entanglement between multi-qubit superconducting modules (i.e. encoding/decoding multi-partite quantum information on a quantum bus). (ii) the investigation of hybrid superconducting and photonic platforms for transduction of quantum information between microwave and optical domains at cryogenic temperatures; (iii) and development of quantum interface hardware for bridging trapped-ion and superconducting qubit modalities.

The image below shows an illustration of the building blocks of on potential heterogeneous quantum network node that utilizes three of the leading qubit modalities (superconducting qubits, quantum photonics, and trapped-ion systems).

We have labs on AFRL's RI campus and in the Innovare Advancement Center.

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Dr. Matthew LaHaye, AFRL Team Lead - Senior Research Physicist
Dr. Daniel Campbell, AFRL Research Physicist
Lt. Oleksiy Redko, AFRL Air Force, Officer 
Capt. James Williams, AFRL Air Force, Officer

Michael Senatore,  Griffiss Institute/Syracuse University - Ph.D. Candidate
Benjamin Byrd, Griffiss Institute/Syracuse University - Ph.D. Student
Michael Vaughan, Griffiss Institute/Northeastern University - Undergraduate Co-op


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First measurements of superconducting qubits at AFRL

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