AFRL/RX - Junior Force Warfighter Operations (JFWORX)

The Junior Force Warfighter Operations in RX (JFWORX) is a group of junior scientists, engineers and program managers who work together to create rapid solutions for near-term warfighter needs. Members learn from senior employee mentors and grow expertise as they solve real world operational challenges brought forth by various entities throughout the Air Force and Department of Defense.  

JFWORX-Led Project Examples
JFWORX works closely with Spark Cells, Innovation Offices and end-users as they develop time-critical materiel solutions to operational customers’ needs

•  Explosion Protection Using Snow - The extreme cold of Alaskan winters often makes standard ordnance disposal procedures inadequate if not impossible. JFWORX was asked to formally evaluate the use of a readily available resource — snow — as a protective barrier between live ordnance and people or property or both. JFWORX led a collaborative, live-fire test with explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) personnel from the 354th Civil Engineer Squadron at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. On a short three-month timeline, JFWORX developed and procured a no-cost blast pressure detection system, designed a functional snow barrier, and delivered a report on the test findings. RELATED ARTICLE

image of gauge stand   image of test explosion   image of airmen preparing test

•  Modular Weapon Storage System – The JFWORX team worked to create an updated gun rack or Modular Weapon Storage System, for the U. S. Air Force C-130 aircraft. At project onset, the existing gun rack was made of metal and was stored in large modular cases affixed to the floor. These cases are heavy and bulky, consume precious cargo space and are extremely inaccessible should the crew need access to them in an emergency. The new prototype was constructed of aluminum and is one-third the weight of the original design. It has the capability to house multiple firearms including the M4 rifle, Mk 14 EBR and M870 shotgun, as well as the M9 and the new M17 handguns. The improved rack is designed to be mounted on the wall of the aircraft. This frees up space on the aircraft and is a tremendous improvement in accessibility. RELATED ARTICLE

image of airman testing protype   image of rack prototype

•  Cargo Aircraft Tire Change Tool - The 60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, part of the Air Mobility Wing at Travis Air Force Base, California, who maintain the U. S. Air Force’s largest aircraft, the C-5M Super Galaxy, contacted the JFWORX team seeking assistance to increase the safety and decrease the manpower requirements of the current tire changing process. Each C-5 tire wears down approximately 0.002 inches per landing on an aircraft that has 28 tires. The current tire changing method is performed several times a week. It is a complicated multistep procedure that requires up to five people working together for an extended period of time with a number of safety risks due to the size and weight of the tires and tools. The AFRL JFWORX team has invented a new tool that allows a single airman to position and secure the spanner wrench in place, making it easier and safer to tighten the wheel. A footplate and an upright handle allow a single maintainer to apply a large axial force against the spanner wrench, keeping it seated while torque is applied. By reducing the manpower required to handle and position the spanner wrench, the entire tire change process now takes only three maintainers. RELATED ARTICLE

image of tool being used

Have a problem?
If you’re part of the Department of Defense or the federal government reach out to JFWORX directly at When JFWORX takes on challenges, we work directly with our customers to assess problems, define solutions and make improvements with real time feedback. JFWORX also works with program offices to help determine if solutions should be made available to the broader users.