AFRL Sensors Directorate begins New Year with focus on professional development

  • Published
  • By Zach Tateman
  • Sensors Directorate
The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Sensors Directorate kicked-off 2022 with a professional development course led by Ms. Amanda Gentry, the Director of the Sensors Directorate.

The class, which focused on resume writing, is part of a professional development series of courses hosted by the Wright Connections Mentoring Program. This program is a Sensors Directorate initiative promoting increased employee engagement, retention, and knowledge sharing with the goal of positively shaping the future workforce.

“Taking professional development classes can significantly add to job performance if they’re taken at the right time with the right context,” said Gentry. “Ask lots of questions and seek to understand things fully. And if you don’t understand how what you are doing matters to AFRL and the Air Force, you should keep asking questions until you know.”

Courses such as this one can be helpful to all employees, but especially the junior force. Direct communication from top-level leadership to the junior force builds a culture of trust and teamwork.

“Professional development courses focused on universal skills, like resume writing, have an immense impact on junior force members,” said Maureen Szymanski, an optical engineer with the Sensors Directorate and Junior Force Council President. “At every point in an individual’s career they will need the skill to communicate their experiences, impact and value. Ms. Gentry addressed every question and dispelled many misunderstandings.”

Creating a workplace environment that promotes professional development and knowledge sharing is critical to achieving the AFRL mission.

“The world is constantly changing around us, so AFRL employees must keep learning,” said Gentry. “The mission demands that we continually learn to stay relevant and learn new ways of being effective in our roles.”

In today’s ever-changing environment, equipping the AFRL workforce with the tools to succeed is more important than ever. This professional development opportunity offered employees the opportunity to connect with one another and contribute to a positive workplace culture.