AFRL launches online library to advance digital transformation

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  • By Marcus Morton
  • AFRL Research Collaboration and Computing
The Air Force Research Laboratory launched the first Digital Accelerator for Research Transformation effort, or DART 1.0, via the internal AFRL Digital War Room during a hybrid event, June 30, 2022. DART is an online library with new products, capabilities and solutions offered to the workforce on a quarterly basis in support of the lab’s digital transformation efforts.
“DART 1.0 is an exciting first step,” said AFRL Digital Transformation Director Dr. Michael Gregg. “Delivering a consistent stream of improvements to the workforce is the path we will continue to follow. We are looking for deeper engagement with the workforce to solve their problems and deliver services they need.”
The event began with a tour of AFRL’s Aerospace Systems Directorate facilities to gain insight into the daily tempo of the operations research technical community.
“Understanding why we are placing so much emphasis on modeling, simulation and analysis and the link to capabilities-based planning is critical,” Gregg said.
After the tour, developers and engineers fielded questions and provided overviews of the products included in the initial release during a digital dialogue discussion. Dr. Pamela Kobryn, chief engineer of the AFRL Digital War Room, explained the basic premise of DART 1.0.
"As we undertake the digital transformation, everyone is really pushing to know, what is this all about, what does it mean to me, what are you going to do to solve my problems or help me out? That is what DART is all about,” Kobryn said. “In the DART release, there is a collection of different things. For us, the nirvana is when we get to a solution, meaning we have provided something and someone in AFRL has actually applied it to solve a problem.”
AFRL’s digital transformation campaign aims to streamline enterprise operations by capitalizing on the seamless integration of data and information through the use of modern methods, digital processes, tools and information technology infrastructure. The effort is part of the larger Department of the Air Force initiative.  You can read more about AFRL's digital transformation efforts here.

Further information on AFRL’s digital transformation will be shared via internal AFRL communication channels including Microsoft Teams.

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