AFRL extends deadline for the 2024 AFRL Commander’s Challenge

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  • Air Force Research Laboratory Public Affairs
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFRL) — The Air Force Research Laboratory, or AFRL, announced an extension for individuals interested in competing in AFRL Commander’s Challenge. The new deadline is April 19.
The event, which is open to junior officers, enlisted military members and DOD civilians from across Air Force Materiel Command, or AFMC, tasks competitors to develop low-cost solutions to intercept and defeat slow-moving, high-altitude aerial targets.
Challenge participants will be selected from a competitive command-wide applicant pool to serve on one of only six teams, each comprised of approximately six to eight members with varying STEM specialties and skills. Each team will pair up with an experienced lead mentor and work together to create and demonstrate workable prototype systems and solutions in response to this year’s challenge topic.
The AFRL Commander’s Challenge amplifies warfighting culture, strengthens our team to deliver integrated capabilities that address crucial national defense needs, and supports the 2023 AFMC Strategic Plan. Operating within fixed budgets and limited time frames, participants learn the rapid-innovation process, develop cutting-edge warfighting technologies, and produce fieldable solutions.

The event, which will officially commence in late spring 2024, will culminate in a final head-to-head competition approximately seven months from the kickoff date at a common proving ground where each team will demonstrate their proposed solutions as well as share plans for their possible future transition.
Applicants should submit to Anthony Ligouri ( and Bon Strout ( a short email indicating their interest and include a 1-page résumé reflecting their background, education, experience, and other qualifications, to include applicable extracurricular activities.
For more information see AFRL Commander’s Challenge.