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AFRL Regional Hub Network – Mid-Atlantic awards $800,000 to five project teams for Summer 2023 funding cycle

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ITHACA, NY – August 18, 2023 – The Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Regional Hub Network – Mid-Atlantic region awarded five teams a total of $800,000 in project funding via its Summer ‘23 cycle focused on the Hub Network’s technical themes including edge computing, quantifying performance in extreme environments, and complex systems modeling.
They include the following:
  • “Exploring ReRAM-Accelerated Neuromorphic Computing for Low-SWaP IoT/Edge Spectrum Sensing, Learning, and Prediction” – A partnership between SUNY Polytechnic and AFRL.
  • “Machine learning-driven optimal design of self-healing vitrimer composites for multifunctional coatings” – A joint effort led by Brookhaven National Laboratory with AFRL.
  • “Engineered Microorganisms for Enhanced Rare Earth Element Bio-mining and Separations” – A collaboration led by Cornell University with participation from Reegen, a start-up company and AFRL.
  • “Advanced Computer Vision Techniques for Visual Navigation on Android Tactical Assault Kit” – A partnership between Skyline Nav AI, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts and AFRL.
  • “Regenerative cooling to enable high power electric propulsion on orbit” – A collaboration between Cornell University and AFRL.
“The Summer ‘23 funding cycle yielded a robust response with several innovative and highly impactful projects that bring together academia, private industry, and members of AFRL,” said Brian McJilton, Director of AFRL’s Small Business unit. “We’re excited to see the Hub continue to drive new synergies, concepts, and projects that can ultimately affect the private sector and national security.”
Proposals for the Hub’s next project funding cycle in the Fall will be accepted from September 5 to October 6.
Awardees for the Fall cycle will be announced at the Hub’s second annual meeting, which will take place November 8 and 9 and will be hosted by the Griffiss Institute in Rome, NY.
For more information about upcoming proposal solicitations and events, membership, or to join the Mid-Atlantic Hub’s email distribution list, please visit
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The AFRL Regional Hub Network – Mid-Atlantic is a pilot network supported by the Air Force Research Laboratory and led by Cornell University and focused on fueling innovations from the region into viable commercialization paths while facilitating the next generation of regional scientists and technolgists. Founding member institutions include Binghamton University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Columbia University, Griffiss Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, and the SUNY Research Foundation. The Mid-Atlantic Hub aims to provide key connections between industry, academia, and the government to foster innovation of critical technologies. For more information about the Hub or inquire about becoming a member, visit