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DIMO volunteers participate in an Air Force Officer facilitated group discussion during a Gender Based Violence and Women's health course.(US Air Force photo/Richard Gooding)As noted, the Defense Institute for Medical Operations (DIMO) needs subject matter experts (SMEs) from throughout Department of Defense (DoD) to develop curriculum and teach courses around the world. Maintaining the DIMO high standard requires the development and maintenance of a pool of eligible and qualified instructors.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer instructor to help DIMO "strengthen global medical capabilities" around the world, complete a self-nomination form below (click "Volunteer Form" header below) and return it to us with your resume/curriculum vitae. DIMO will review your submission, and if qualified, match you to suitable courses and put you in the queue for future missions.


Volunteer Instructions

Mexico Navy students simulated proper casualty transport during a Aerial Patient Movement Casualty Evacuation course put on by DIMO.  (USAF Photo/Richard Gooding)Working with DIMO offers personal, professional, organizational and leadership benefits. Our missions provide joint, inter-agency, inter-governmental, and international experience. Potential mission team members should have the following:
1. DIMO instructors should be current, qualified and recognized as subject matter experts. Having only received training in a particular topic is not sufficient.  Favorable examples include:  actively working in the specialty, history of deployments practicing that specialty, publications, speaking positions, and membership on relevant boards.
2. Potential DIMO instructors should have instructor experience. Teaching personnel in an international setting has additional challenges beyond those commonly experienced when teaching US personnel. Favorable examples include:  a history of, or currently teaching US students or foreign nationals in the topics being requested.
3. DIMO instructors should have cross-cultural experience, present a professional image and appropriate military bearing. Examples may include:  subject-matter exchanges, deployments, mission trips, international health work, and language or cultural expertise.

If you would like to volunteer, please download the self-nomination form (Volunteer Form). Then submit the completed form along with a curriculum vitae (CV) and/or resume to DIMO.   

How to Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer, please 
download the self-nomination form. Submit the completed form, along with a curriculum vitae (CV) and/or resume, to DIMO.   

https://www.dimo.af.mil/portals/86/images/022217-G-XS614-002.png?ver=2017-02-22-115013-500  Email your self nomination form.

Current Instructors

Course Pamphlet

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