2023 Autonomous Horizons II, Part 1
Air Force Research Laboratory
Video by Kevin D Schmidt
Jan. 9, 2024 | 01:01:02
In this 2-part edition of QuEST, U.S. Air Force Senior Scientist and QuEST co-founder Dr. Steven K. “Cap” Rogers, ACT3 Chief Technology Officer Dr. Michael J. Mendenhall, ACT3 Chief Scientist Dr. Gilbert L. Peterson, and ACT3 Senior Scientist Dr. Kevin Schmidt discuss the 2019 publication Autonomous Horizons II: The Way Forward.

Key Moments and Questions in the videos include:
Discussion of October 2023 event “AI for Humanity” sponsored by AFRL
Clarifications among definitions of intelligence, consciousness, and qualia
Historical perspective from Cap on Autonomous Horizons origins
Groundwork for report - A2/AD operational space and implications for ‘intelligent autonomy’
Multiple streams of research and development leading to a common framework for responsible autonomous systems
Question for group: What is cybernetics?
Question: Shouldn’t we also have the inverse of “Cognitive computational models of humans for systems” to account for human understanding of systems logic?

Example architectural pattern for autonomous system development; building a better human-machine interface
Human-like dialogue as explanations from the system to the human; experience versus explainability
Distinction between explicit and implicit as relating to consciousness