AFOSR - Research Areas

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Research Areas  
AFOSR plans, coordinates, and executes the Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL) basic research program in response to technical guidance from AFRL and requirements of the Air Force; fosters, supports, and conducts research within Air Force, university, and industry laboratories; and ensures transition of research results to support U.S. Air Force needs.

The focus of AFOSR is on research areas that offer significant and comprehensive benefits to our national warfighting and peacekeeping capabilities.

These areas are organized and managed in four scientific divisions:

Engineering and Complex Systems
Leads the discovery and development of the fundamental and integrated science that advances future air and space flight.

Information and Networks
Leads the discovery and development of foundational issues in mathematical, information and network oriented sciences

Physical Sciences
Leads the discovery and transition of foundational physical science to enable air, space, and cyber power.

Chemistry and Biological Sciences
Leads the discovery and development of innovative fundamental science addressing a broad spectrum of energy-related issues.