AFRL/RQ Facilities


Advanced Instrumentation Lab

Mach 3 High Reynolds Number Facility

Aerospace Power Materials and Components (APMC) Lab

Mach 6 High Reynolds Number Facility

Combined Environment Acoustic Chamber (CEAC)

Main Test Floor (MTF)

Combustion Research Complex (CRC)

Material and Testing Lab (M&T Lab)

Combustion & Laser Diagnostics Research Complex (CLDRC)

Mechanical Systems Research Lab (MSRL)

Component Research Air Facility (CRAF)

Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, & Test (MSAT) Lab 2012

Compressor Aero Research Lab (CARL)

National Aerospace Fuels Research Complex (NAFRC)

Compressor Research Facility (CRF)

Power Electronic Components Lab (PECS)

Detonation Engine Research Facility (DERF)

Small-Engine Research Lab (SERL)

Direct Connect Supersonic Combustion Facility

Sub-scale Direct Connect Supersonic Combustion Facility (Research Cell 18)

Engine Environment Research Facility (EERF)

Sub-Element Facility (SEF)

Environmental Test Chambers (ETC)

Subsonic Aerodynamic Research Lab (SARL)

Extreme Environment Vibration Facility

Supersonic Research Facility

Fabrication and Prototyping Lab

Thick Film Deposition Lab (TFDL)

Free Surface Water Tunnel (FSWT)

Trisonic Gas-Dynamics Facility (TGF)

Full Scale Structural Test Facility (FSSTF) Turbine Engine Fatigue Facility (TEFF)

Heat Flux Instrumentation Lab (HFIL)

Turbine Research Facility (TRF)

Heat-Transfer & Aerothermal Lab (HAL)

Two-phase (Φ) Thermal Energy Management System (ToTEMS

High Pressure Combustion Research Facility (HPCRF)

Vertical Wind Tunnel (VWT)

Low Speed Wind Tunnel Facility (LSWTF)