USAFSAM Medical Flight Standards Branch

The Medical Flight Standards Branch (MFS) is the arm of the Aeromedical Consult Service (ACS) of the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine that specializes in Medical Flight Screening evaluations. HQ AFROTC, National Guard Bureau (ANG), and HQ Air Force Reserve (AFRC) route their USAF Flying Class I (FCI) pilot candidate medical examinations as well as IFCII-- Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) pilot medical examinations to us. We combine these examinations with the Medical Flight Screening requirement. FAA Class 3 medical certificates are simultaneously accomplished, as needed, for those who accomplish their initial flight physical with us. 

General Info

Please complete our pre-screening process 30-45 days prior to your appointment.

All FCI physical examinees are to report to their designated locations at 0700 hours Monday morning! All examinees will be notified the week prior, via e-mail, of their designated reporting location. The ROTC duty driver(s) for the week will have the group roster(s).

MFS "Only" Thursday 0730 hours SHOWTIME:
"MFS Only" evaluations are by definition for those, generally active duty pilot selects, who had their FCI or IFCII-RPA examination already accomplished at a location other than USAFSAM or USAFA which are routinely stamped "FCI qualified by HQ AETC/SGPS -- pending MFS evaluation".

These "MFS Only" appointments are booked through AFPC, ANG, or AFRC depending on who you're assigned with. Appointments start at 0730 hours each Thursday. Consideration for your appointment start time has been made if you take the Shuttle from WP Lodging, since it does not pick up until 0700 hours.

MFS Only appointments may carry over into the next day so departure reservations should be routinely set for after 1400 hours the day following your appointment date.

E-mail if you have had PRK/LASIK with your pre & post surgery reports (usually 30-40 pages). This is also a good e-mail box to ask MFS Only evaluation questions.

All MFS Only evaluations should click on the blue "Medical Flight Screening" icon below for additional reporting instructions continued from your training RIP which includes more details and requirements of what your evaluation includes. Only those with an existing initial aeromedical waiver for medical history of corneal refractive surgery are qualified to come for a MFS Only evaluation (must be at least 6 months after PRK/LASIK surgery completion).


AFROTC, ANG, AF Reserve, or civilian pilot applicant who have been scheduled for a Flying Class I examination -- CLICK HERE

If your initial pilot/RPA pilot exam already completed - certification stamp for which routinely includes a statement "pending successful completion of MFS"  -- CLICK HERE

If you've been scheduled for an AF initial flight surgeon IFCII medical examination via HQ AFRC Policy Letter -- CLICK HERE

If you are a former USAF pilot returning to active duty, You are scheduled to accomplish a return to Active Duty Pilot examination at Wright Patterson AFB, OH. Our mission and goal is to provide you with a complete, efficient, and streamlined examination process. -- CLICK HERE

If you have been selected for an examination to pilot a large Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), there are a few administrative steps you need to complete prior to your RPA pilot physical exam appointment. All pre-administrative requirements must be accomplished 30 days prior to your appointment to avoid last minute medical records requests which could result in rescheduling or cancellation of your appointment. As you proceed, please read all the information carefully and make sure you have completed everything before moving on to the next step; this will ensure you do not miss any requirements.  -- CLICK HERE

How to replace a lost or destroyed FAA medical certificate

FAQs, Admin, and Contact Information

If you need assistance with sending pre-examination information, scheduling changes, or any other questions regarding your FCI appointment not addressed on our web site, please contact our NCO In Charge for assistance.

Contact Us

Medical Flight Standards
2510 Fifth Street, Bldg. 840, Area B, Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Dayton, Ohio 45433


Local Wright Patterson area information

Det NCO Corner

Welcome to the USAFSAM/FECM Det NCO corner. This information is provided to assist you in scheduling Cadets for FCI exams to be accomplished at Wright-Patterson AFB.

HQ AFROTC FC I exam processing information
How to schedule a cadet in WINGS
FCI Required Documents
FCI Cadre Brief

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