First Lt. Jeremiah Williams, front, works in the “clean room” of the Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. Lt. Williams is a recipient of an Air Force Edison Grant, which allows active duty researchers to lead short, highly-focused projects, with their own money. (U.S. Air Force photo/Michael Ross)


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  • AFRL/RY - COMPASE - Modeling and Simulation

    MissionLeverage commercial video game technology to support the Air Force mission across all domains. VisionLeverage gaming technology to support campaign and mission level sensor performance analysis in conjunction with traditional M&S tools.M&SModeling and Simulation can be viewed as either a

  • AFRL/RY - COMPASE - Sensor Data Management System

    MissionProvide centralized data management support to the sensor exploitation research and development community throughout the Department of Defense. For over ten years the AFRL sponsored Sensor Data Management System (SDMS) program has been committed to facilitating data sharing and collaboration

  • AFRL/RY - COMPASE - Test and Evaluation

     The Sensor's Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/RY) is a nationally recognized leader in developing and supporting  sensor  technology. To promote and mature sensor exploitation technology research, AFRL has formed the COMPrehensive Assessment of Sensor Exploitation (COMPASE)

  • AFRL/RY - COMPASE - Virtual Distributed Library

    MissionFacilitate cooperative research, development, and algorithm evaluation by providing communications and information sharing services for the entire DoD-wide sensor exploitation RDT&E communities.Since its inception in the Fall of 1997, the Virtual Distributed Laboratory (VDL) has been tying

  • AFRL/RYA - Layered Sensing Exploitation Division

    RYA -- Layered Sensing Exploitation Division Conducts basic research, exploratory and advanced development to provide efficient sensing exploitation for Air Force air, space, and C2 systems. Develops technology for target and threat detection, location, track, and identification using RF and EO

  • AFRL/RYD - Aerospace Components & Subsystems Technology Division

    RYD -- Aerospace Components & Subsystems Tech Division Leads the assessment, insertion, maturation and discovery of military-critical electronics for future generations of AF C4ISR capabilities in anti-access and area-denial environmentsRYDD -- Devices for Sensing Branch Leads the AF in development

  • AFRL/RYF - Financial Management Division

    RYF -- Sensors Financial Management Division Develops and implements financial policies used throughout the Sensors Directorate. Advises Directorate on financial implications of programmatic decisions. Develops the Directorate's financial plan and administers its execution in a timely manner in

  • AFRL/RYM - Multispectral Sensing & Detection Division

    RYM -- Multispectral Sensing & Detection Division Conducts basic research, exploratory and advanced development programs to meet Air Force aerospace electro-optical (EO) and radio frequency (RF) sensor needs for air, space and C2 sensors systems. Conducts programs in modeling, simulation, research,

  • AFRL/RYO - Integration & Operations Division

    RYO -- Integration & Operations Division Leads collaborative management of all Directorate resources including the development of business and information management processes. Works with other Directorate stakeholders at all geographic locations, including Wright Site Operations and AFRL staff.

  • AFRL/RYW - Spectrum Warfare Division

    RYW -- Spectrum Warfare Division Research, develop, and transition technologies for air platforms that enable mission assurance in contested and denied environments against threats that exploit the EM spectrumRYWA -- Avionics Vulnerability Mitigation Branch Leads the discovery, development, and

  • AFRL/RYZ - Sensors Plans & Advanced Programs Division

    RYZ -- Sensors Plans & Advanced Programs Division Develops technology projects into programs, conduct field demonstrations and integrate technology products into warfighter applications. Develop and manage programs across the directorate and AFRL for sensor exploitation, cyber warfare, and ISR for