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  • AFRL/RY - COMPASE - Test and Evaluation

     The Sensor's Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/RY) is a nationally recognized leader in developing and supporting  sensor  technology. To promote and mature sensor exploitation technology research, AFRL has formed the COMPrehensive Assessment of Sensor Exploitation (COMPASE)

  • AFRL/RY - COMPASE - Virtual Distributed Library

    MissionFacilitate cooperative research, development, and algorithm evaluation by providing communications and information sharing services for the entire DoD-wide sensor exploitation RDT&E communities.Since its inception in the Fall of 1997, the Virtual Distributed Laboratory (VDL) has been tying

  • AFRL/RYA - Layered Sensing Exploitation Division

    RYA -- Layered Sensing Exploitation Division Conducts basic research, exploratory and advanced development to provide efficient sensing exploitation for Air Force air, space, and C2 systems. Develops technology for target and threat detection, location, track, and identification using RF and EO

  • AFRL/RYD - Aerospace Components & Subsystems Technology Division

    RYD -- Aerospace Components & Subsystems Tech Division Leads the assessment, insertion, maturation and discovery of military-critical electronics for future generations of AF C4ISR capabilities in anti-access and area-denial environmentsRYDD -- Devices for Sensing Branch Leads the AF in development

  • AFRL/RYF - Financial Management Division

    RYF -- Sensors Financial Management Division Develops and implements financial policies used throughout the Sensors Directorate. Advises Directorate on financial implications of programmatic decisions. Develops the Directorate's financial plan and administers its execution in a timely manner in

  • AFRL/RYM - Multispectral Sensing & Detection Division

    RYM -- Multispectral Sensing & Detection Division Conducts basic research, exploratory and advanced development programs to meet Air Force aerospace electro-optical (EO) and radio frequency (RF) sensor needs for air, space and C2 sensors systems. Conducts programs in modeling, simulation, research,

  • AFRL/RYO - Integration & Operations Division

    RYO -- Integration & Operations Division Leads collaborative management of all Directorate resources including the development of business and information management processes. Works with other Directorate stakeholders at all geographic locations, including Wright Site Operations and AFRL staff.

  • AFRL/RYW - Spectrum Warfare Division

    RYW -- Spectrum Warfare Division Research, develop, and transition technologies for air platforms that enable mission assurance in contested and denied environments against threats that exploit the EM spectrumRYWA -- Avionics Vulnerability Mitigation Branch Leads the discovery, development, and

  • AFRL/RYZ - Sensors Plans & Advanced Programs Division

    RYZ -- Sensors Plans & Advanced Programs Division Develops technology projects into programs, conduct field demonstrations and integrate technology products into warfighter applications. Develop and manage programs across the directorate and AFRL for sensor exploitation, cyber warfare, and ISR for

  • D'Azzo - Libary Usage Policies

    The library has specific electronic usage and circulation policies.Those policies are outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact the library. Circulation Policies Who may UseAFRL personnel (including contractors) may check out material with their D'Azzo Research Library card. Length

  • D'Azzo - Publication Resources

    AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AIP Conference Proceedings (1970-present) Applied Physics Letters (1962-present) Applied Physics Reviews (1980-present) Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science (1991-present) Journal of Applied Physics (1937-present)

  • D'Azzo Research Library - CINDAS databases and handbooks

    CINDAS LLC (Center for Information and Numerical Data Analysis and Synthesis)  Aerospace and High Performance Alloys Database (AHAD)Damage Tolerant Design Handbook (DTDH)Microelectronics Packaging Materials Database (MPMD)Structural Alloys Handbook (SAH)Thermophysical Properties of Matter Database

  • D'Azzo Research Library - eBooks (electronic books)

    American Chemical Society (ACS)Connect to these eBooksAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)AIAA eBooks (from Aerospace Research Central (ARC))Note: Note: The library has access to selected eBook titles in the AIAA Education Series, Library of Flight, and Progress in Astronautics

  • D'Azzo Research Library - Forms

    These forms are for the use of registered AFRL and AFLCMC (Air Force Life Cycle Management Center) customers at Wright-Patterson AFB.Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Request / Storage RequestILL request and storage request information Library CardsLibrary card registration form*There are two ways to submit

  • D'Azzo Research Library - IHS access

    IHS (standards, etc.)The procedure for accessing the IHS standards database has changed and we are no longer able to post a direct link on our website. Please contact the library via email or phone (937) 255-5511 Ext.4238) for updated instructions to access the IHS database. 

  • D'Azzo Research Library - Interlibrary Loans

    AFRL scientists and engineers (military, civilian, and contractor) may email the library using the address below to place requests for interlibrary loan (ILL) of materials not available in the AFRL D'Azzo Research Library collection and for items that are housed in our Annex facility. Please check

  • D'Azzo Research Library - Services

    The D'Azzo Research Library AFRL staff are here to help YOU, the scientists, engineers, managers and support staff of AFRL at Wright-Patterson AFB. We provide superior research and information so that you can support our warfighters today, and in the future.Who we serveAll current Wright-Patterson

  • D'Azzo Research Library - Special Collections

    AFRL Wright Research Site (WRS) Special Collections LibraryTechnical Reports Collection The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Library at Wright-Patterson owns nearly 100,000 technical reports, including those from the Department of Defense, AGARD, NACA, NASA, CPIA and other government agencies,

  • PA - Security and Policy Review

    NOTES: 1.  Effective 15 June 2022, division chiefs as well as TD/FD directors/deputy directors may sign the request for expedited review.  This is a trial for 90 days.  Should the process change dramatically increase the numbers of expedite review cases, PA reserves the right to cancel this change

  • USAFSAM - Aeromedical Evacuation

    En Route Care Training Mission:  To educate and train Total Force medical personnel responsible for delivering basic and advanced en route care capabilities within the aeromedical evacuation system using the most advanced modalities and realistic mission environments possible, and to provide potent

  • USAFSAM - Aerospace and Operational Medicine

    Mission:Delivers aerospace medicine expertise in education, consultation and special program development and execution across the air force aerospace and operational medicine enterprise.  Provides initial, advanced, and graduate education and training in aerospace medicine and physiology awarding

  • USAFSAM - Defense Institute for Medical Operations

    Mission: To achieve security cooperation through health education and training in the global environment. Vision: To be the premier provider of security cooperation focused health education and training that builds strong, resilient, international partnerships. About Us:The Defense Institute for

  • USAFSAM - FCI - Anthropometric Measurements

    UNITED STATES AIR FORCE SCHOOL OF AEROSPACE MEDICINEAeromedical Consult ServiceMedical Flight Standards BranchWright Patterson AFB, OHANTHROPOMETRIC MEASUREMENTS Anthropometric measurements are done as part of your IFCI, IFCII, MFS, or specialty evaluation requested by HQ AFRS/RSG. The

  • USAFSAM - FCI - Cadre Brief

    Air Education and Training CommandReplenishing the Combat Capability of America's Air ForceAFROTC Cadre BriefPoint of ContactAFROTC/RRFSG334-953-0263, DSN 493-0263USAFSAM FCI/MFS Responsibilities  Provides over 1,000 Initial Flying Class appointment slots to AFROTC for completion of IFCI/IFC II